Supported Protocols

To interoperate with other applications on the Fediverse, Emissary implements a number of protocols in addition to ActivityPub, which are listed below for reference.

  • ActivityPub Emissary supports ActivityPub federation with a wide range of servers.
  • RSS / Atom / JSONFeed Emissary generates RSS feeds, and can subscribe to RSS feeds in each user’s inbox.
  • WebSub Emissary can send and receive content notifications via WebSub
  • WebMentions Emissary can send and receive WebMentions
  • OAuth 2.0 Emissary is an OAuth 2.0 server
  • Mastodon API Emissary supports a subset of the Mastodon API which lets you use third-party Mastodon clients to post to your Emissary site. (in progress)

Fediverse FEPs

Well-Known URLs