Help Us Build Emissary

Your help will make a huge difference in what this tool becomes.


As stated on the goal of this project is to create a general purpose personal server that is safe and dependable enough for non-techies to use and trust. It should help people to connect with as many others as possible, by supporting the best of the emerging social protocols available – ActivityPub, IndieWeb, BlueSky, and whatever comes around after that. Building on decades of what observations of hosted websites and social media, Emissary should be easy to host, simple to maintain, and fast. Very fast.

And last, Emissary must be trustworthy in its design. That means designers and developers can trust that their work won’t conflict with other “plugins” installed in the system, and users can trust that their personal website is working for them, not against them.

What Makes Emissary Different?

Because of Emissary’s robust templating system, this server is not tied down to a single way of behaving. Dozens of workflow steps can be rearranged in limitless possibilities, allowing developers and designers to create reliable web experiences quickly and easily.

Help Wanted

Back-End Developers can help complete the ActivityPub and IndieWeb integrations. Interested in BlueSky? Let’s make it happen.

Front-End Developers can build new apps on the Emissary platform. Anything is possible.

DevOps Engineers can help us create a release pipeline that works in every environment above and below the sun.

Graphic Designers can help us create a beautiful consumer-facing, open source presence to rival the corporate bosses.

Usability/Accessibility Experts can help Emissary serve as many of the 8 billion people on Earth as possible.

Jump over to the Emissary GitHub repository to dig into the code, report an issue or start a discussion. All contributions are welcome!