Create the Social Web

Emissary is a complete development environment, where you can define how web pages work, not just how they look. This is done by mixing and matching simple, predefined steps into complex workflows, with no coding required. This makes it easy to create trustworthy, stable applications very quickly. Once you have created a design, installing it on your Emissary installation is as easy as choosing a directory in the filesystem, or copy-and-pasting the URL for a Git repository.

There are three basic levels where you can create custom designs:


Themes define the overall look and layout of a website – global stylesheets, navigation bars, and color schemes.


Templates define the contents and capabilities each individual page, whether it is a text article, a photo gallery, a discussion forum, or a social media post.


Widgets are additional features that can be mixed into every page – navigation bars, title blocks, tables of content, and custom javascript features.

Resources & Bundles

Bundles are groups of static resources that are included with a theme, template, or widget. Bundles can include CSS, Javascript, or other static resources. CSS and Javascript files are automatically combined and compressed for maximum download speed.

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